Visual thinking capturing the pure essence of the design idea

The visual representation of an idea brings to life the possibilities for an environment. It enriches the experience by allowing the viewer to understand the vision of the project.

Jim Collins, owner of Concept Design, works with clients in the early stages of the design process, his drawings and sketches are recognized because of their unique ability to capture the essence of a client’s vision. With Jim’s hand drawings, the client is free to wander and interact within the parameters of the design, feel the energy of the vision, and embrace the possibilities of what the project could eventually become.

The visualization of an idea is a powerful form of communication and an effective presentation and marketing tool. It generates interest in the project, attracts investors, serves as a political document and can be used for agency review and approval hearings.

Jim works directly with land planners, landscape architects, architects, engineers, developers, interior designers and marketing agencies both domestic and foreign.